Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Frequently, I'm asked to blog again. Frequently, I tell those who ask, that I simply don't have the time. Life in my 40's has become vastly more complicated and difficult than I ever imagined. So much for the glory of adulthood.

This past weekend, I spent a fast and furious 48 hours in Washington, DC. The trip was made on a whim. A snap decision. A half dozen times between booking the flight and taking off, the voices in my head battled it out. "What are you DOING?! This isn't you!" "Oh, hush. This will be fun! Loosen up and see what's out there." So...I went. I saw things that inspired, awed, and moved me. I did things, like meeting an old friend from the blog, in person. Actually face to face! It was marvelous.

While in DC, this old, new friend from the blog, shamanized me. That's right. She worked some sort of voodoo magic. I allowed myself to do something new, something bold, something totally not me, and I let the world in. What happens, happens. What happened, was "epic," as she put it. Energy was put in motion, pain moved out, peace moved in. Breath started fast and anxious, and ended up slow, and relaxed. Calm. Peace. Love.

Whether it was my friend the Shaman, the city, the monuments, the Reiki ...I was repaired. At least briefly.

I arrived back in Texas to news that Baltimore is on fire. Literally and figuratively. The world needs shamanized. We...the collective WE, need to let love in. We need to feel the pain, convert it to energy, let it go, find peace, and move forward.

Don't talk. Just listen. Not to others, and what they want you to hear and believe, but to your inner voice. The voice has the answer.


The Bug said...

So good to see you here again! And I'm very jealous of your DC whirlwind - I want to be shamanized! Reiki for the whole world - it just might work, mighten it?

Reya Mellicker said...

This is wonderful. You know Operation Tiara is a shamanic act. A tiara is the rays of the sun. You are crowning us, making us into stars. You are part of the change we so need.

<3 you, sis-star!