Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100 Bloggity Blogs on The Wall

This, Dear Friends, is my 100th post.

I suppose it's a milestone of sorts. Of what, I'm not sure. Maybe it just means I've stuck to something for awhile or maybe it's just a number to which significance often seems to be bestowed.

No matter. With regard to blogging, I think I'm kind of proud of this number. When I began this blog, I had no idea in what direction I was going. The simplest explanation is that I merely wanted a place where I could write down some thoughts, vent a little, rant a lot and just have a bucket in which to dump some of the thoughts that seem to always be taking up room in my brain and mucking up the old gray matter.

The determination was made early on that I wouldn't write every day unless I had something to say that I felt was worth writing. I also didn't want blogging to be about my children all of the time, or to be a journal of every mundane daily event. More than anything, I wanted it to reflect who I was at that particular moment and to act as a ruler of sorts, for measuring my personal evolution.

As I look back, I see that my writing styles have altered from time to time and that very often, my mood has changed. (Go figure!) Sometimes I'm a bit embarrassed, and other times I laugh at myself and think what a goon I am. Mostly, I see that I am indeed an evolving human being and that I'm happy with the direction in which I'm traveling.

One of the amazing things that has happened along the way of my journey through The Land of Blog, is that I have been introduced to some truly wonderful people. Many of them merely make me laugh, and that is a gift in itself. Others have shown me to view things from a perspective other than my own, and for that I am grateful. There are those who have told me that I am courageous and are always encouraging me to speak and to let my voice be heard. How can I repay that?! And some of these same people and more, have inspired me to not just hope for change in the world, but to be the change.

So, this 100th post, Dear Friends, is dedicated to you. I dedicate it to you because your words of encouragement strengthen me. Your expressions of friendship bring joy to me. Your humor lightens my spirit and deepens the lines around my mouth which give me character...right?! Your unbelievable generosity amazes me and your loving hearts and kindness inspires me.

Angie: You astound me. A book a day. I know you're hoping that someday you'll be famous for it, but I'm betting you're going to be famous for the world's first gluten free, sugar free, peanut free and chocolate free, peanut butter cup.

Inga: What can I say? I'd follow you anywhere. The gifts you give to me, I cannot fully express. I love you, Sister.

Tessa: You are nothing short of magical. You're beautiful and talented and generous beyond imagination.

David: Nothing more to say than two words: Writer Extraordinaire

Dawn: You make me laugh and say, "Oh boy! I can relate!" And, your witchy wares and devilish doo-dads make me just plain happy.

Cubil: Your point of view is always interesting and sometimes different than my own. You help me expand my horizons.

Karie: Keeping up to speed with what's going on with one of my favorite people is a joy. I'm so glad you invited me in.

Fragrant Liar: Still clueless as to why I don't know your real name. Probably because you're afraid I'll stalk you. Regardless, your sass and your wit remind me so much of myself, how could I not love you?

Angela: From across the ocean, you encourage, teach and amaze me. Your open heart, generosity and zest for life prompt me to keep searching for ways to become a better Me.

Hutchins: Your writing makes me laugh and also touches me deeply. Reading about you and your beautiful family further and firmly convinces me that we are standing on the right side of the battlefield where the fight for equality rages on.

Andrea: I can almost always relate to what you're saying and enjoy so much hearing your point of view. And, by the way...where in the hell have you been?! I miss you. Come back.

Cynthia: As one of my newer Bloggy Friends, I so appreciate your encouragement to keep writing and I'm always interested in what you have to say.

Lee: Still trying to figure you out a bit. Sometimes I think by your writing that you're in your 20's and at other times, I think by the way you go on, that you must be much closer to my age. know...30's. *ahem* It matters not, but I do enjoy your daily grind. Oftentimes your intellect soars so far above mine, that my eyes haze over for a minute or two. Dumb it down, will ya?

Tonjia: Yours is another viewpoint which, like a pendulum, swings wildly between one I can relate to and one from which I try to learn.

Rosaria: The story of your coming to America is so wonderful and then to go on and dedicate your life to the often thankless job of teaching, Having your perspective and wisdom interjected is something much appreciated.

Dangerous Pages: I've had a pin for ages that reads, "I read banned books." When I landed on your blog, I was smitten.

Reya: You're the cool aunt I never had. The way in which you view the world around you is so interesting and your photographs? Amazing. Your perspective is one that teaches me.

Dr. Maithri: Also a new friend, but one who I'm so honored to have. To me, you are beautiful in every way and your light shines so brightly that it has reached me from across the sea.Your work is awe inspiring and I am so grateful that human beings like you exist.

Laggin: A woman who claims to live in a three-ring circus, but yet seems to do so with grace and heart. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Vodka Mom: You're brassy and sassy and often times trashy. What's not to love? You also write with honesty and heart and I dig that.

WWHM: I don't know who you are, but I know you make me laugh until I cry. Sometimes, you also make me want to throw up a little, but in a good way. And, thankfully (or not?) you'll never run out of material.

So, there you have it. You are the people who I read and attempt to keep up with. A million thanks for your comments and support and for continuing to help me exand my mind and heart.

And to those of you who comment on my blog, but who I'm not following yet...thank you so much. I wish I had another 24 hours in each day to read everything you write. I've just dropped a few bloggers who haven't posted in months so I'll be stalking you in no time.

And, to those of you who read but never comment, well...I know who you are. (Technology is least when it's working for you and not against you!) You must have your reasons for standing in the corner at the party and drinking alone, so I won't press the issue by asking you to join in the fun. (But, please... do use a coaster.)


The Bug said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I have a ways to go - especially since I'm blogging at a brisk clip of 2 per week or so.

Now I have to go check out your friends. I already follow Reya (which is how I found you)...

ellen abbott said...

Congrats. I enjoy your blog so keep it up. I just did a '100th post' post this past week too (actually it was 100 plus some as the little bugger slipped right past me).

I quit. said...

Congratulations, honey. I love the way you write and I will always be your biggest fan. -Mr. Right

Amy said...

Bug: Thanks! I don't usually post more than once a week or so unless my brain is in particularly good form. (Doesn't happen much!) It took awhile for me to get here. *Whew!*

ellen: And, thanks to you, too! Congratulations on your century mark. Feels kind of good, right?!

Mr. Right: Thank you, Dear. You don't usually say much about my writing, but I'm glad you read it and like it. It means a lot to me.

Angie said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. And thanks for mentioning my blog - and when I become famous for my allergy-free peanut butter cups I will not forget about all of my faithful blog friends who listened to me whine while inventing them.

It's interesting that you mentioned wanting to write a blog that wasn't all about the kids or mundane things - because one of the things I've always liked about your blog (other than the way you're full of the sass, of course) is that you mention your kids enough for me to know that you have them, but the entire blog doesn't revolve around them. It gives me hope to see people who have kids but still have thoughts of their own (perhaps I've just met one too many of those Moms who refers to themselves as "Mommy" as if they no longer have a first name, and who says "We" when they're talking about their kids.)

lakeviewer said...

Congratulations, Amy! We have all grown in this process; having good friends who visit regularly makes the experience special. Good to know you.

Cubil said...

Very cool. We are all Becoming. It's good to always remember that. Your sentence about throwing up in a good way killed!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Hi Amy, I've only been following you for a short while. I don't recall how I found your blog, but I instantly liked it and you. You're a virgo like me, so how could I resist? An atheist? That threw me for a second, but I'm open minded enough to see and hear a different perspective. I appreciate your wit and your sarcasm. Your writing style captivates me. I love how you showed your gratitude to all the bloggers you follow. Great post. Congratulations on your 100th post. I hope you have a gazillion more.

Linda Rae said...

Wow, Sweetie! 100 posts. I believe I am quite a blogger loser. BTW, Bobby has set your blog as a Favorite. He talks about what a good writer you are. No surprise here.

Amy said...

Angie: Thank you, thank you! I really enjoy our interaction, on and off the blog and am glad you're a card carrying member of the Mutual Appreciation of Sassiness Society. (Henceforth referred to as MASS. "Yes, Dear. I'm just going to MASS. I'll be back soon. Works, right?)

Your continued support and sarcasm is very much appreciated.

Rosaria: Many thanks. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful process.

Cubil: "Becoming." I love it! Thanks for your comments and continued support.

JarieLyn: Why, thank you, ma'am! I'm so glad you found the blog, no matter how it came about, and that you stick around for the shenanigans. A gazillion is a lot, but I'm willing to go for it if you'll stick around to read them.

Linda: Thanks! I'm so glad that Bobby is enjoying reading. I had no idea that he was.

Bee and Rose said...

Congratulations on your hot 100! I love your style, my sweet friend! I love your honesty, your humor and the way you write for you and don't cater to an audience! (that's what I love most!)

Thank you so much for the very, very kind words! That means the world to me!

Here's to many more wonderful posts! Cheers!

Lee Ryan said...

Thanks Amy - of all the truths I've bent and twisted to serve my needs, my age is one that I've actually left untouched. 37...though I've read that most guys tweak it down at least below 36... :-)

By the way, if you feel odd about 100th post being a milestone, just think of it as your 64th in hex.

Inga K said...

Congratulations, Sister! "Stalking" your blog has become my favorite pastime. Your ability to write never ceases to amaze me.

Much love,

Tessa said...

Oh, now you've gone and done it! I'm all overcome and teary. What a truly beautiful tribute to all your bloggy friends, some of whom I know well...and others that, because you love them, I want to get to know. And amongst those names, I found mine. Thank you, Amy, that makes me really proud. As our friend Maithri says, it is so wonderful that we are all building these bridges of friendship all the way around the world.

Your lively personality and sense of the ridiculous shine through in your writing, but more than that there is such a great sense of the cerebral Amy, too. Wise AND funny - a perfectly perfect combination. Roll on the next 100 posts! Can't wait!

PS. Your card arrived today! What a thrill to open it and find it had come all that way across the pond from you. I'm thrilled to bits and pieces you like the picture - thank you, sweet Amy, for letting me know that with your lovely note.

sharazad said...

Congratulations...I a so glad my blog has reached readers like you who really appreciate books!