Monday, April 6, 2009

Two is the Lonliest Number

One night after closing down the Grapevine bar in Dallas, Mr. Right and I, along with our friends, Kyle, Eli, Jeff and Brian, hit the IHOP for some post-partying grub. We all piled into a giant booth and checked out the menus for the biggest baddest artery clogging breakfasts we could find. It's just what you do after downing gallons of frozen peach Bellinis and shaking your groove thing.
So, there we sat looking at the menus and something astonishing caught my eye. Right there on the menu in a national chain restaurant, was a typo! I looked up and said, "Oh my gosh! They spelled "two" wrong!" As everyone looked at their menu and tried to find the error, my eye caught the same error in another place...then another! "Oh my gosh!" I said. "They misspelled "two" everywhere!" Eli leaned in and said, "Where?!" I pointed to the menu and said, "See? Right there!" Eli looked and paused for a minute. "They did! Oh my gosh!" Mr. Right looked at us quizzically and said, "Where?!" I said, "Everywhere! They spelled "two" wrong everywhere! Look! They spelled it T-W-O...!"

In my head, I was reading the word "two" as though it were pronounced twoh. I blame the peach Bellinis. Anyway, the second I said it, I knew. All the boys looked at me and erupted into raucous laughter.

Jeff, who laughs like The Count from Sesame Street couldn't contain himself. Tears ran down his face and he was leaning out of his chair holding his stomach. I punched Eli in the arm because he was now in hysterics and he was the one who thought "two" was spelled wrong too! Kyle was squealing and banging on the table as Mr. Right sat and looked at me with that look. By this time, I was laughing so hard at Jeff laughing that I went into Silent Laughter Mode. I had tears running down my face and was holding my stomach, but no sound was coming out of my mouth.

We must have looked like a bunch of fools. But, we didn't care. It was one of those moments where there was no one else in the world but us. Six friends in a pancake house, laughing until they cried.

To this day, every time one of them calls me and tells me that they went out to eat, they tell me that they had twoh of something.

I love you guys, and....I miss you so much.


lakeviewer said...

Funny story; how do friends bond? Through situations like this.

Fragrant Liar said...

Yeah, I miss my drunk buddies. I think.

Missy said...

Hilarious! I love moments like that!

Andrea said...

See, now this is a memory! I can just envision that post-party trip to IHOP (had a few myself) with the lights way-too bright and you finding all "twohs" on the menu. Too funny!