Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Love Note

While reading an article the other day, I ran across this tidbit:

"If you look around and you notice that all your friends are exactly the same as you, it's healthy to think something is wrong."

This made me stop and assess my friendships, past and present, and I must say...I'm pretty happy to find that my friendships continue to be diverse and colorful. My friends are all religions...or none at all, different cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations. For me, the diversity is what helps make my life seem interesting and full.

It's one of the cool things about belonging to the blogging community as well. You can interact with so many interesting people from all over the world and as you begin to read their thoughts, you see that you have tons in common with these wonderful people. It's further broadening my horizons and stretching my consciousness. Shazam!

Fellow bloggers Reya and Angela have both written blogs containing the idea of threads that weave us all together. It's such a lovely idea and it makes me think of quilts. A quilt of humanity, sewn together by assorted threads, resulting in a beautiful patchwork creation. I've always liked best, the quilts that have tons of various colors and patterns mixed up in them. To me, they're by far the most interesting and the most beautiful.

So, this is a little love note to my friends wherever they may be (sadly, most are so far away from me) and to my fellow bloggers. You add to my life and make it colorful and rich. I hope that as I weave my thread through the quilt, that I add something to yours as well.

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lakeviewer said...

The sentiment is reciprocal.