Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Virtual Frustration

This word verification issue on blogger is annoying, no? I've decided to circumvent the system and have my say anyway.

*Amy Dubdbub - Regarding your Ina post: I love to cook with Ina and Paula! Eric & I tune in Sandra Lee for comic relief. We tune her in just so we can heckle her. (Yes, we're really that shallow.) And to Bob who commented: I can't believe you don't watch Sandra Lee! Her "abilities" are cracka-lackin!

*Alice - Regarding your spectacular Monday: I'm so happy that your day turned out to be such a nice one! And, what are you thinking?! Working out for two hours?! I started breathing heavily just reading that.

*Reya - Regarding your Steal This Book post: How do you keep coming up with these brilliant and beautiful metaphors?! I love reading what you write.

*CherryDawn - Regarding your comment: Thanks so very much for dropping in! Your comment was much appreciated.

*Angie - Regarding your book a day: I'm going through withdrawal! Hurry up, Blogger.com!!!

So, there. Just try and stop me from having my say!


lakeviewer said...

I hope this posting works. We are all suffering; hopefully not for long.

AmyWW said...

Sandra Lee's "abilities" are quite impressive, yes, but she's so gross I got sick to my stomach watching her. The way she mauls the food and licks her fingers and talks with her mouth full is nauseating. I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped watching her.

Amy said...

AmyWW - Those and oh so many more are the reasons we watch! What fun we have at the poor woman's expense. Eric & I can't watch Giada. Her overly large forehead and strange rubgery large mouth kind of freak us out. So happy we're perfect! *eye roll*

Anonymous said...