Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shocking Revelation!!

I just found my 5th grade report card from Pawnee Grade School. My teacher was Mrs. Gilliland and I really liked her. She stands out in my memory as one of my top five favorite teachers ever.

Now please, if you will, let your eyes wander to the lower right corner of my report card and look under the heading, “CONDUCT.”

“Annoys Others (Talks)!”

Okay, Mrs. Gilliland! What the hell?! I thought you liked me!

This made me giggle hysterically when I saw it. I guess some things never change.


lakeviewer said...

Now you know! Teachers are good predictors of behaviors that annoy others. Though they like us, like parents, they point out those things we must improve.

Bless them all.

Amy said...

Yes. And as you can see by the next grading period, I had indeed improved my conduct! I'm still the same today in that area as well. Tell me once that I'm in hot water and I'll shape up!

lakeviewer said...

Yes, you were a fast learner, or your parents got on your case really fast.

Thanks for signing on. We'll be talking regularly from now on.