Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alex: A Day in the Life

As I was carrying my precious four-year old daughter, Alex, to bed last night she said, "Mom, tomorrow is Woody's birthday." I expressed surprise and inquired of her how old he would be. "Fifteen," was the reply. "We should do something special for him, don't you think," I asked? Her eyes lit up. So there on the edge of her bed, we concocted a plan.

Today Alex and I went to the store together to pick up a couple of items for Woody's birthday dinner. We came home and baked a strawberry cake and I put some homemade marinara on to simmer. Alex went to her closet to the rack that contains all fifteen of her princess dresses and proceeded to dress for the party. She arrived downstairs complete with tiara and lip gloss. That girl really knows how to dress.

Woody(You didn't think he was real, did you?)

We've called Dad to let him know not to be late for dinner. He promises, as any good daddy would, to arrive on time for the special occasion.

Alex is giddy with the anticipation of celebrating her friend's party and I'm so happy to be able to contribute to her glee.

Last night, Alex told me, "Everybody loves you, Mom, because you're the best food maker in the world!" How can I not love this child?!

When her daddy asks her how she got so beautiful, she points to me. When he then asks how she got so smart, she points to me. When he finally says, "Well, if your mommy gave you your beauty and your brains, what did you get from me," she responds with, "Farts."

Brilliant child, no?

Not two minutes ago, she barged into my office wearing a ballet dress and her glittery red Wizard of Oz shoes, toting a basket over her arm. As the door swung open and I looked up, she declared, "Hello there, Ma'am! I followed the Yellow Brick Road!" She then proceeded to whip a rolled up piece of paper and a pen out of her basket, drew a dot on it and told me to, "sign on the dotted line, please." What else could I do? I signed.

Some days I think my life mundane and boring. Those are the days I guess I'm just not paying attention.


Wendy said...

This is great. She really is something. I think she gets a lot of her silly heart from her Dad, too.
I wonder what you signed...

Jennie................ said...

wow...what a character eh! I am always amazed at the imagination of little kids! What a precious pumpkin! How did she know it was Woody's birthday?

Amy said...


I signed of course, Queen Mom. This is the name I give a hundred times a day when asked what my name is because as you know, she changes her name ten times a day and fully expects that I will play along, so I do. She's growing weary of the name, Queen Mom, so I'm trying to think of something new.

Jennie - Funny you ask. I don't know. I'm sure it was a complete coincidence. I looked it up and Woody is actually 14 this year, so she was darn close. Maybe he told her and she either got it wrong or the wood between his ears is beginning to petrify and he just couldn't remember.