Friday, January 16, 2009


I did it. I cut myself off from Myspace & Facebook. It was so easy. A couple of clicks, some begging to stay from the respective life sucking sites and, bam! No more Myspace or Facebook. So, onward and forward.

Yesterday I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to go over my latest x-rays of my shoulder and hip. The prognosis on my hip is that it most likely will always pop and sound like a ratchet and that I will most likely never be able to do any activities that create impact on my hip/pelvic area. It doesn't bother me much, but occasionally I do have a flare up and have to take anti-inflammatory medication to ease the discomfort. Apparently, this will always be the case, so que sera, sera.

My shoulder is another story. I have a metal plate, four screws and some wire attached to my clavicle. The purpose of all of the hardware was to help my bones fuse back together. Sometimes the bones fuse first and sometimes the hardware fails first. The latter has happened. Two of the screws are wiggling around and creating "erosion" in my bone and muscle. My doctor wants to take out all of the hardware, saw down the bone a little, and see if the bone will finish healing itself. Right now, the hardware is actually impeding the rest of the healing process. According to him, this is the simplest surgery to try to resolve the problems I've been having. If this surgery doesn't work, there's another one he can do, but it's much more complicated and involves more hardware. So, we've opted for starting simple and working our way from there. Under the knife I go...again. I have mixed feelings. I cringe at another surgery, but the hope that I could feel better and possibly look better propel me forward.
January is almost halfway over and I have no idea where it's gone. This blows. The crazy phenomenon of time seeming to pass faster as you get older is just too much for my tiny little mind to grasp. It is however, a motivating force to get things done now as opposed to later, which may never come, or come way too fast.There are some things I just seem to keep putting off. When it's time for me to make my final exit, I don't want my final thoughts to be, "I wish I would have...." Maybe they will be anyway. I don't know. But, I do know that I want to move forward in my life with purpose and accomplish those things that are important to me.


Bob said...

Amy - As a lifelong lover and pricticer of photography, let me give you (and Eric?) some advice on picture taking.

That photo of your shoulder? If it was Eric who took it, have him back up a step or two. Put on some pretty panties and maybe a garter belt and stockings. Turn just a little bit to either side. Give me (I mean Eric) your most alluring smile, then take several photos and send them to me.

I'll critique them and let you know what I think.

Love - Hunky Bob

Bob said...

Oh, if I didn't make it clear, you need to put on the fancy underwear, not Eric. Yuck!!

Amy said...


I couldn't get Eric to take my underwear off his head for long enough to put them on for the shot.

Google Amy Warner and you'll get all of the alluring photos you want.