Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ms. Matched

Sometimes (oftentimes) I look at someone and think, "Didn't they LOOK in the mirror before leaving the house?!" I know I don't. I have a checklist and all of the boxes must be checked before leaving the house and subjecting the world to Me.

Hair looking tame? Check. Color on my cheeks and a little splash of color on my eyes to make them pop? Check. Shirt hiding muffin top? Check. Butt looking okie dokie? Check.

So imagine my surprise this past Sunday afternoon when, after a full day of errands out at the store, cleaning and reorganizing the garage, etc. I'm standing and talking to my neighbor and his son. David, the son, kept looking at me strangely. I kept giving him a little smile that said, "What in the hell are you looking at, Crazy Person?" Finally, about five minutes into the conversation he asks, "Why are you wearing two different shoes?"

I looked down and there they were. One cheap little rubber Payless flip-flop and one too-expensive leather Bass flip-flop.

I think my mouth actually fell open. I looked up at David and busted out laughing.

Note to Self: Add new item to checklist...

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