Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Exhilaration

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to stop holding my breath. I have a tendency to not breathe out when I'm experiencing anxiety of any sort. It's shocking I'm not dead yet.

The election of Barack Obama made my heart grow ten sizes with love for all of those like me who sought change and voted for it.

Although elated since his election, I've been walking around with breath held and one eye closed. It's fear that's doing me in. I know first hand the hatred that hides in the hearts of so many people in this country and those people frighten me. Whether they be the politically far "right", the overzealous ultra-religious fanatics who would gladly kill or be killed if their god "spoke" to them to tell them it was necessary, or just those who are so twisted inside that they loathe those who are of a different race, sexual orientation or culture than they.

It is a fervent hope of mine that our new president and his family will be protected by those enlisted to keep them safe. I hope, I hope.

As I listened to the pre-Inauguration music and speeches the other day, I was inspired and moved. I love reading and studying the history of our country and it always pulls at my heartstrings a bit to hear excerpts of speeches from the past great leaders of this country. Our new president inspires me to do more and be more. For the first time in years, I have hope that positive changes can and will come to this nation.

I am a mish-mash of Americana. My father is part Cherokee and raised me with a deep respect for the Earth. I suppose I owe my tree-hugging ways to him. I have studied Tibetan Buddhism for several years and have developed a love of many of its philosophies. I truly feel the connection between myself and my fellow man. I know that this world cannot survive in "Me" mode. I know that I must always strive to lift up my brothers and sisters in any way I can, big or small.

As we begin a new chapter in America, I hope that more and more people will begin to see that we cannot be the greatest country on Earth while we have children across our nation that are starving. And although our jobs might currently be secure, we need to be supporting those efforts by our leaders to create jobs for those who have been left jobless. We need to see that by helping each and every citizen in this country, we help ourselves.

I pledge to our new president to not throw my hands in the air if the promises of his campaign have to shift and change. Priorities sometimes have to be re-prioritized. This country is in a real fix right now and I don't expect that what might have been true or possible a year ago or six months ago or even two months ago is still realistic. I'm only an amateur history buff, but I can't think of any president in my lifetime who has been able to fulfill all of his campaign promises. It's the nature of the beast.

I'm just going to hope, like I have with all of the president's who have served during my voting history, that President Obama will keep We the People close to his heart while he serves and that he will do his very best to truly be a servant of the People.

I'm with you, Mr. President. Peace and love, Brother. Peace and love.